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What is hosting?

A hosting service allows you to have an accessible Internet website. The aim of this is to rent space on their servers so you can load your page and upload all the files within it. When a hosting offers you to create an account, they are offering you the storage of your website in a small part of the hard drive of their servers so you can publish your page.

How to buy a good hosting

When you’re creating an account on a hosting you must look at elements such as a good support, good infrastructure, and simplicity in handling and most importantly: that it is a reliable hosting and has a good repertoire of clients and a good reputation.

As for support, it is ideal that it has a space for a chat or telephone where they can address your questions and needs, so they can solve them. Agility and competition when it comes to provide help are vital for selecting your hosting because if you have a serious problem in storage or in the functionality of your website, the faster and more effective the response of the support is, the sooner you can put your page up.

The hostings market is highly competitive and that is why many of them offer

discounts and promotions on their plans for you to choose your website store there.

A hosting too cheap is not a platform that generates a lot of confidence when riding your website as sometimes the service provided is not as good and reliable, since they do not offer as many guarantees as other hostings where they can make sure that you will get your money if you are not satisfied and attend to your needs and complaints as soon as possible.

Another element to keep in mind is that your hosting must have a good bandwidth that provides the ability to send and receive information at a given time and at a good speed. If your hosting does not have a good bandwidth you’ll get a very slow loading and lose visitors to your website, if your users sees that the page is slow they will leave instantly.

Choose a hosting according to your needs

The hosting you choose should also depend on the type of website that you will do and what are the goals you want to achieve with it. If your website is an e-commerce, an online store, a forum or a big blog you should know that they are heavy pages and should have a good space on the server and be supported by a quality hosting.

The most common today is to use open source applications like Joomla, WordPress or prestashop, which use the hosting you choose. If you decide to opt for these applications you must know the hosting has to support PHP (Pre-Hypertext -processor) and MySQL (system relational database) because these applications store their files to MySQL databases and are developed with PHP, which increases the load on the server and cause you to need a hosting with good storage and processor.

The number of processes that take place on your website is also a factor affecting the performance of your pages if you do not have the proper hosting.

When the number of processes on your page per users who enter at the same time exceeds the limit, your page may collapse and fall. The most important thing is that your hosting has a good capacity processor for the server that hosts your page. The more capacity processes take less time on your page and will work faster.

If your website is a simple static page and is composed of several HTML pages, we recommend a good shared hosting, which will serve you even for high traffic.

Some of the best hostings

  • Inmotion: It has three shared hosting plans that are Launch, Business and Pro addition, all plans include free SSDS to increase the speed on your page. It has plans that are excellent for static and dynamic sites, which use applications such as WordPress. It also has the function of automatic backups, thanks to which you do not have much risk regarding the loss of information.

    web-hosting2Client support team
  • BlueHost: is a hosting that is in the market since 1996 and has excellent customer service. It also offers many benefits such as a free domain, it has a good support, and you can request a refund of your money at any time.

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  • GoDaddy: Is one of the most used and well-known hostings, offers customer service in Spanish and unlimited bandwidth. There you can buy your domain and create your hosting account. It has more than 13 million customers around the world and has been categorized as the largest domain registrar in the world. In addition to this has a good space to host your website and a 24-hour customer support.