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What is SEO?

If your goal is to improve the position of your business online, you should know that one of the most important things is to apply a good SEO to your site to attract traffic. The SEO (search engine optimization) of a site is the search engine optimization. Thanks to this you will reach a higher level of visitors and your site will be in the top positions when people perform a search on google.

One of the best benefits of SEO is that it helps search engines to understand what each page is about and helps your site to be categorized as a relevant and useful site for your users.

El SEO se enfoca en los resultados de búsqueda que son orgánicos es decir los cuales no son resultados pautados. La razón más importante para tener un buen SEO es porque hace que la usabilidad de tu sitio web se destaque sobre los demás y sea fácilmente encontrado por los visitantes de tu página.

SEO objective is to search results that are organic which are not paid results. The most important reason to have a good SEO is because it makes the usability of your website stand out over others and be easily found by visitors to your page.




Why is SEO important for your website?

Search engines work by robots, which determine which is the correspondence between what a person looks and the content of a website. This is done by a correlation of words, where your site should be related to the search that is to be found and useful for users.

If you do not have a good SEO on your page, it is a bit difficult to be easily found. When designing your website, you must use good information when you plan the architecture of your site. Building links to your pages in order for them to appear in search results, improves the navigability of your page and shows what is the most important information which generates more clicks.

  • The deeper the structure of your page and the smaller the number of clicks that the user should give to get to the content, the better usability and navigation your users will have. For this we recommend that you do not pass three levels deep in navigation, that is three clicks to get to the link being sought.



  • Make each page of your site unique and have a different content, this will make google robot’s position your content higher.
  • The most important content of your website should be accessible, the closer the home the easier it is to find for search engines and for people.
  • Use good keywords, these will allow you to be easily found for search engines and you will make them know what your site is about. According to Hubspot a keyword is generally a word or phrase that is a topic of significance. You must use keywords in the label, the URL of your site and in the header labels, so you get a better ranking.
  • Keep your pages updated with relevant and compelling content, this way your audience will be hooked and you will get more visits to your receive.


SEO is a set of techniques that make your website more relevant to both your customers and people seeking online information, such as for search engines.

Each day the number of pages on Internet grows and been easily found by search engines has become a struggle that is constant. Our best advice is to use the best practices and produce relevant, useful and engaging content, so you always get a good number of visitors and your website will be a success.