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If you don’t apply a digital marketing strategy you are denying yourself the opportunity to get closer to your customers and new consumers.

Creating a website unites you more to the public that consumes the product or service that you sell, because it allows you to have a closer communication with people where you can tell what does your company offer, which are the benefits that you have, you can provide a better service and show the attributes of your products that make a distinction from other companies that offer the same products as you.

Purchasing processes have evolved over time and digital marketing is vital to position your business, make your it be known and speak directly to your target so that your customers take their purchase decision in the shortest possible time.

Today people compare brands surfing the web, they  also carefully observe a product portfolio and evaluate the comments, suggestions and opinions which  encourage them to purchase.

If you want your business to be at Internet first thing to do is to detect what is the purpose for which you want to create a website, either to gain recognition, have greater brand loyalty, promote your products and services or create a new Internet business model.

The first step is to decide what you want for your website. In order to do this you must investigate what the latest trends in design are and which models are more suited to your needs.

Next step is to buy a domain, which is the name that will take your website. Each Internet domain is a network identification associated with a group of devices or connected to a network. You can buy it at different sites like where you should look if the name you want for your website already exists or you can use it. Domains expire with the passage of months so you should be aware that once it expires you must renew it paying the amount suggested by the portal where you purchased it.

Once you have your domain, you need a space in which you must upload the files that make up your site. For this you have to get a web hosting to storage your page. GoDaddy hosting is easy to use and you can have an application like WordPress where you can choose one of the templates that the site offers or you can create your own from scratch.

How much is a website and how long does the development take?


The cost of a website depends on variables such as the amount of content that it has, the design that is required, the number of internal pages that will be develop by an engineer or the provider of the service.

As for the time it takes, you should also know that is relative depending on the platform, hosting and graphics, images, illustrations or videos you want to add.

How can I get a good traffic to my website?

The simplicity, elegance and creativity are vital when it comes to the attention of those who read your content. The first thing to consider is that your website must have a clean and visually pleasing design. If your page has a lot of texts it may look saturated and if it has mixed colors that do not match your brand communication you must change the template that you are using and you must optimize a new one.


One of the most important aspects when it comes to position yourself in Google is that your site has a feature that is intuitive and easy for the user. If usability is complicated and your user cannot find what you want in an easy way, the visits to your site will decrease and you will have to change the way in which the architecture of your page is made.

The solution is to implement a responsive design that suits all mobile devices and offers a better browsing experience.

Finally we advise you to give your audience interesting and relevant content  that will enrich their loyalty for your brand. Encourage them to enter your site through your social networks by posting content that re-direct them to your site and constantly monitors the performance of each click to run an effective advertising on the network.